Friday, October 1, 2010

Bebo Kobo - A knowledge source about Far East market !

Bebo Kobo is associated with real estate business since last 30 years and he is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the real estate market. With his architectural skills he has managed to handle some very crucial projects all over the world. He was born in Israel and has spent his childhood days there, but he has settled in London. His ability to think in broad way made him analyze the potential of global market so he left his country and moved out. He has handled a number of projects outside London in all over the world. He also has good knowledge about the Far East competition and Market trends.

Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi has purchased the Camden Market Complex for over £400million (about NIS 2.3 billion).As revealed yesterday on the "Calcalist" website, Sagi purchased the prestigious complex from businessmen Richard Caring and Bebo Kobo after a year and a half of negotiations. Camden market is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in London, with some 40 million visitors every year. The complex includes shops, art and antique galleries and businesses. 
Management of Ditto said, “Mr. Bebo Kobo assistance to the company has greatly enhanced its production ability. Mr. Kobo  has a quiet understanding of the Far East competition; a unique expertise in the washing techniques of the Orient; and a forecasting sense in market trends. With Mr. Bebo Kobo production guidance, the Colfax facility is back to its full operation; and, I am told, Ditto will increase its employment during 1987.”

There are many successful stories and letters that tells us depicts the success history of Bebo Kobo. Many people recommend him now also as he is a very good entrepreneur and able to handle all type of businesses. He has got many projects lined up in London that will be changing many more lives in a positive way. Bebo Kobo  is very much attached to the Camden market in London and has nurtured it like a small child is nurtured by its parents. Of course he is the owner of the market and therefore it also known by its name, “Bebo Kobo Camden Market. He is making constant efforts to develop the Camden lock Village with his architectural knowledge.