Friday, July 12, 2013

David Blitzer-Senior Managing Director of Technical Opportunities

David Blitzer or David S. Blitzer is the Head and Senior Managing Director of Technical Opportunities. This man has established himself in the city of New York and given valuable contributions in the investment efforts of corporate private equity of Blackstone in Europe.

Since the joining of Mr. David in 1991, he has shown his participation in execution of investments of Blackstone in Orangina, and United Biscuits, Southern Cross, Cadillac Fairview, Houghton Mifflin, Aspen Insurance Holdings, SULO and Spirit Group. Furthermore, social media platform of Pheed lead by O.D. Kobo i.e. son of BEBO KOBO unveiled that David has started with his business and technical operations in 2002.

Since Blitzer has served as managing director along with Joseph Baratta, he participated in some high-profile companies’ buyouts in Europe, in combination with famous publishers named Legoland and Houghton Mifflin and Spirit Group. Other than this, if you have an iphone device with i-phone mouse, you can easily know about the educational background of this leading personality operated in London and in New York. Mr. David has completed his graduation from renowned Wharton School, which belongs to Pennsylvania University of United States. Last, but not the least, he served as Director of a leading biscuit company named United Biscuits and Jack Wolfskin.