Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Billionaire Business Tycoon Repulsing Silicon Valley For Dallas Oil

The Entrepreneur Mark Hiduke had just got $100 M funding for his new barely a month old company and now taking the company to next level, he’s not a Silicon Valley techno genius but he is a Texas Oilman. The Oil and gas industry is rapidly increasing the growth and wealth of any businessman; industries like restaurant business, Shopping malls, Oil and gas are the main focus for the Entrepreneurs in the market. The Oil drilling is something that needs technology in drilling and digging, several US firms have hiring wildcatters, landmans, engineers, investors and other people interested into the oil digging. Hiduke’s firm is based in Dallas PetroCore had received $100 million commitment from a local investor firm and equity company. With such funding he and his partners planning to buy underdeveloped land and drill shale wells, to that he said that they will get some advice from engineer and the engineer is his father. As previously their main focus is on just oil but today’s entrepreneur have selling everything that they get during the drilling, whether that is oil, minerals to equities.

nzherald said "I've never seen an industry do what the oil and gas industry has done in the last 10 years," T. Boone Pickens, the 85-year-old billionaire oilman, said in an April 25 phone interview from his Dallas office. "Ten years ago I could not have made this statement that you have picked the right career. These guys are going to be the poster children of self-made oil and gas tycoons," Nathan McEown, 33, an accountant at Whitley Penn LLP in Dallas who organizes networking dinners”

Another growing industry is e-waste companies that sell everything that they find in garbage but like Oil and gas, it has become golden business in just 10 years. Since the generation changes and all over technology had changed everything and made it billion dollar trade all around the world.

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