Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bebo Kobo recognized by World

Mr. Bebo Kobo is among those people who has done some remarkable contribution to the community and despite of being rebuked by so many critics he is been still doing many things for the betterment of the community.Bebo kobo always had a mission of making this world a great place to live and earning money has never been his primary objective though. But since he is a business-man and every business-man has to consider the monetary benefits while doing business, since they require huge and enormous investments and great urge of the man power. But bebo Kobo is among those business-men who had never taken the community for granted and made them the means to become a billionaire, as he always done the work which is been never against the business ethics and never against the society or any other specific individuals.

Bebo Kobo
Bebo Kobo
Since past there has been lot talked and much written about Bebo kobo regarding his personality, his life and his business ventures and most of the time he was also at the negative end from the critics point of view. Mr. Bebo Kobo has laid down the milestones in his career which had caused some extravagant changes in the Camden. As he has accomplished the project of transforming the face of local Camden market into the world class international business centre with most ultra modern facilities and amenities has remarkably changed the life styles of the people living in Camden lock village. The place which was one time suffering from huge economic slowdown and unemployment is now having more than thousands of people earning handsomely along with many who now have their own enterprises, a house and even a car. The place is seen a huge turnaround in the per capita income of the people and enhanced life style of the local people who at once been suffering from poverty and extreme awkward situations.

He undertook another major venture in Florida, USA. As he has laid down the foundations of Opa Locka-Hialeah Flea Market in the city of Opa Locka and his work there is been even appreciated by Florida house of representative chairman Willie Logan, Jr. in his own words "Mr. Bebo Kobo was a key factor in the tremendous growth of the Opa Locka-Hialeah Flea Market, here in the city of Opa Locka. Not only did Mr. Bebo Kobo cause a tremendous increase in the local citizens coming in the city and the flea market, but also tourist from all over the world. " and he had also written ahead "Mr. Bebo Kobo arrival in 1988 was a blessing to all of us in Northwest Data County".

Mr. Bebo Kobo has also contributed in the development of the apparel sector in the Colfax county in Louisiana. While working with the Ditto apparel of California Mr. Bebo Kobo's inputs has helped the Ditto corporation to regain their market strength and re-cope the losses incurred previously from the stage where they are in the verge of closure and hence saved hundreds of jobs and enhanced more employment in the area as well. In the words of mayor Joe Boreland "Mr. Bebo Kobo production guidance, the Colfax facility is back to its full operation; and, I am told, Ditto will increase its employment during 1987".It doesn't ends here Bebo kobo had some more important contribution with ESA architects and designers of UK, which bought the Camden Stable Market a rapid face lift as in the words of Alastair Roberts ,Director ESA "Mr. Bebo Kobo has a vision and expertise to improve and regenerate the area into a truly 21st century and retail leisure complex”.

Mr. Bebo Kobo's contribution will remain intact and be raising to peaks day by day and he will always stick to his mission of serving society with heart, soul, mind and money.

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