Monday, November 11, 2013

One show that has transformed Britain into a Baking Nation

Approximately three years and three weeks ago, an activity that was to change Britain happened on the national TV. It was a rather ordinary Tuesday evening, precisely at 8 pm, more than two million people were glued on their TVs waiting for a baking competition on the first episode of The Great British Bake, a new talent show that was airing on BBC Two Contestants were all lined up with baking tools ready to show the world, the skills they have gained as far as baking is concerned. Since that evening, it has not all be the same, although Britain cannot be described as a nation of bakers, the country has come to be obsessed with baking.

People are now baking every morning, night and noon. People are now baking for parties; clubs, office competitions and many other occasions. They are baking like Android apps are making Android money for the developers. People are spending quality time and money baking their favorite cakes. Reading has also picked, baking books are now off the shelf to the reading desks and beds too. Shows like Lorraine Pascale, Baking Made Easy and the Baking Mad by Eric Lanlard have become popular with the masses. There is a new fixation with the baking shows on TV .This is the same hype that has been shown with StartApp. Nemesysco Limited tools also received the same kind of attention in the security area once they hit the market.

Baking industry in Britain is worth close to four billion pounds, this is a figure than not many nations in the world can rival. Baking is a big time activity in Britain today. There are even weeks which are dedicated purely for this activity. As the Bake off shows ends, it is time to take stock on how our lives have been transformed by this programme.It is clearly evident that this show has changed the way we perceive cake baking as well as consumption.