Monday, October 8, 2012

Benjamin Britten’s Opera to be launched in Beijing

Baron Britten or Edward Benjamin Britten is one of the renowned figures associated with classical music of Britain. This great personality is a famous pianist, composer and conductor of English musical group. The hidden talents of Britten have been highlighted in front of the public in his performance of Cappella choral work. In the year 1945, the entire musical sector has witnessed the premier of new opera of Britten named Peter Grimes. The development of new opera has resulted in the popularity or receiving of huge fame at international level. Since then, Britten has written several operas to become renowned composers of the world. This time, Benjamin Britten is planning to launch new opera in Beijing of China. The opera is named as Noye’s Fludde, which has been solely dedicated to children.

Noye’s Fludde opera may be the first performance of Britten production in China. The play of Benjamin Britten is based on the famous play of Noah’s Flood. The entire play is going to be staged inside a large-sized hall or church and performed mainly by different amateurs. Nicholas Chalmers is the conductor of the opera, which is going to be held in Beijing. Chalmers commented that the new opera of Britten will be the best introduction of Britten’s performances in front of the audience of China. This is because; most of the people belong to Beijing and several other parts of China are well-familiar with the ancient story of Noah and Flood.