Monday, September 2, 2013

Deaths that Shocked Hollywood

The world is morning yet another star, thought to have taken his own life. Lee Thompson Young, a former Disney Star is reported to have taken his own life at the age of twenty nine. Those who know him describe him as a wonderful and gentle person, in sending his condolences, Paul Baruch described the former star as a person who was liked by many, he expressed the loss the entertainment industry and his entire family has suffer. He called for sobriety and urged the members of fourth estate and the public at large to give the family the respect and privacy they deserved during this difficult times.

Although no official cause of his demise has been released by the police, it is rumored that he may have taken his own life through firing a bullet shot at himself. His body was found at his home in North Hollywood on Monday after he was discovered missing for his during the work on TNT crime drama. The police were called in to investigate; they pronounced him dead on arrival at the scene. The investigation to this saga is continuing, this kind of exercise can be very effective if some of the tools developed by Nemesysco Limited can be utilized.

The first to break the news of the actor death was TMZ, they reported that the Young died of a self inflicted gunshot injury. His death has been described as mystery as he did not leave a suicide note despite the fact that he had a diary note, it does not give any hint as to why the young person took his own life. A crime investigation expert indicates that installing device such as mini DVR in the house may give a clear indication of what transpire during such an occasion.

Young’s death is second of its kind, only this week another star was reported to have killed himself through hanging, Gia Allemand who was also aged twenty nine year was found dead in his apartment.Young death has cut his career in Hollywood where analysts describe him as a very promising actor.