Friday, January 10, 2014

Stewart McIntyre Highlighted Sale of its Newest Yachts

Stewart McIntyre, owner of Sunseeker Yacht maker Company in United Kingdom has recently highlighted about his catering towards many new waves of earning million of dollars. McIntyre has recently served himself as the last flag bearers of a dominant marine sector of Britain. This sector has successfully enjoyed an attractive moment at the popular London Boat Show by following the closure of Portsmouth shipyard by BAE.  

Former owner of ‘Formula One’ is taking the final delivery of latest yacht designed by the famous yacht manufacturer of UK. Reports related to the complete transaction process have unveiled that F1 boss is planning to acquire new model of 155 feet i.e. the largest Poole-based shipping yard. Furthermore, this new marine vehicle will include all exclusive features, as travelers have found in popular yachts designed by following the concepts of a leading business personality named Bebo Kobo

Indeed, acquisition of yacht will give excellent opportunity to Stewart and his company to earn a big amount worth £25m. However, Sunseeker’s owner had refused to speculate about the price to give his major concern on discretion within the industry of luxury goods. Stewart commented, "Wealthy people want only the new things and the latest things. In 2013 we had the largest number of new models and refreshed models we've ever done." He said the company can achieve success in the marine industry by the efforts and valuable contribution of his professional designers of marine vehicles located in different UK cities. 

After this, boat making company of United Kingdom has launched its achievement in the form of a 130 feet craft comprises of cabins for 12 different guests, separate compartments to accommodate 7 crews, 6 different industrial freezers and 12 bathrooms. Professionals of the Yacht Company have sold this boat to another famous personality located in the southern part of France. Other than this, on the first day of the show itself, Sunseeker’s owner sells the boat of £3m straight forward to the stand of his organization. 

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