Friday, March 7, 2014

ICMI Contact Center Conference Announced Mobile Conference App

Last month, attendees of the ICMI Contact Center Conference hosted in the city of San Diego have observed big spike in the usage or application of various Smartphone devices. In fact, the call center company has proud to make the announcement about the release of its mobile conference app at free of cost. DoubleDutch, an award-winning mobile event application developer and provider was responsible to provide this exclusive award to members involved in the call center conference. The app developed by one of the biggest contributors of technology is available with countless features for users, which include

• Creation of personal agendas and add suitable meetings, along with creation of calendars for   reminder purposes
•  Receiving of instant notifications, end-of-day summaries and regular updates
•  Look over and schedule appointments with sponsors and exhibitors
• Stay connected with several other participants involved in parties, sessions and even in various social meetings
•  Accessing of highly interactive maps and finding of localized places
•  Post comments and photos and to be a part of polls and surveys
•  Innovative features including the option to look over entire feed of the event activities, exclusive Product Locator and user prizes.

Mobile app provider professionals have said that individuals will avail this app to download over iTunes and over the Google Play store involved in displaying and selling of powerful Android monetization or simple apps on Android. The newly launched conference app would obviously become the significant part of the big industrial move towards various forms of mobile-based event organization. Excluding the reduction in various program costs, many planners observed dramatic enrichment of mobile event apps to give exclusive attendee’s experience. According to Marta Kelsey, Marketing Director of IMCI, “We have found that even people who can't attend the conference are embracing this app as a means to connect with attendees, and stay abreast of the sessions, comments, and conference happenings.Read a similar type of update from here .

IMCI is the acronym for the International Customer Management Institute. It is recognized as the leading and the international provider of various comprehensive resources, along with efficient voice solutions. In this way, the company performs customer relationship management or simply customer management effectively as possible. The company helps both executives and agents to bring consistent improvements in the overall customer satisfaction or experiences and in turn in the increase of efficiencies at varying levels of contact center.

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