Friday, January 4, 2013

Achievements of British Authors in Literature

Since past few years, most of the people of London or in other cities of United Kingdom have undergone remarkable achievements in their life. Whether you look over the business, sports, technology, music and literature you may find several famous personalities belong to the city of London. For instance, if we look in the sector of business, we may find one famous personality named BEBO KOBO responsible for renovation of Camden Market in London. In addition, if you look over sports, you may find a famous cricket player and captain of England cricket team named Kevin Peter Pietersen. Other than this, many British authors have always shown their intention to include some of the memorable classics in literature of English.

Success of any of the British authors is solely dependent on their skills involved in perceiving large numbers of facets of temperament and human behavior, along with various articulating emotions associated with intensity, which remains alive in front of the readers. History of English Literature will certainly remain incomplete without the big efforts of one of the famous author named William Shakespeare. In fact, the name of William Shakespeare has always remained alive in different parts of world. Shakespeare has obtained his recognition for some of his phenomenal works in the form of "Romeo and Juliet", "Comedy of Errors", "Othello", and "Hamlet". On the other side, you may find some of the famous British authors, who have dedicated their entire life in highlighting social aspects of life. One such famous British author is Jane Austen, whose writings have revealed some of the conservative thoughts, which may emphasize various needs of men in life of women for attainment of both financial and social stability.