Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MSU Innovation Center Hosted Award Ceremony for Globalized Innovators

MSU Innovation Center has now hosted award ceremony to honor the MSY Innovator and Inventor of the Year 2014. In addition, it has also obtained its recognition as the winner of Tech Transfer Achievement Award. By commending towards creativity and perseverance at MSU Innovation Celebration, organizers have presented awardees with huge cash prizes and plaques. Robert Abramovitch received the award as Innovation of the Year. He is an associate professor in the sector of molecular genetics and microbiology. 

Robert is also known as the innovator and developer of anti-virulence chemical compounds to cure tuberculosis. Tuberculosis represents the single and the most lethal infectious agent in different countries of the world. In this situation, the technology adopted by Robert is the pair of suitable biosensors, which allow the identification of different compounds, which can inhibit adaptation physiologies of M. tuberculosis virulence adaptation required to deal with various chronic infections. 

After this, Mr. Anil Jain received the award as Innovator of the Year 2014. He served his valuable role as the professor in engineering and computer science department. People mostly know him for his contribution in the sector of biometrics. Biometrics is the latest science, which involves identification of people based on their behavior and characteristics identified by the help of information systems. Currently, this term is responsible for representing massive globalized market containing 10 billion dollars individuals. 

According to the opinion of Charles Hasemann, the Executive Director of MSU Innovation Center, “When it comes to invention, it requires a remarkable amount of labor and imagination to create something new. Sharing that research with the world takes creativity, perseverance and a lot of trial and error. We provide resources and support to reduce barriers and help both students and faculty bring more of our best research ideas to market.” Read a similar type of update about MSU award ceremony from here.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Davor Risk Developed Latest Syngenta’s Strategy to Assure Farm Growth in India

Mr. Davor Pisk is serving his role as the Chief Operating Officer in the company named Syngenta AG since the month of February in 2011 and in the corporate company named Syngenta Crop Protection International since the year 2008. In addition, he played the role of Chief Operating Officer for the Seeds of Syngenta AG starting from 2008 to up to the year 2011. This time, he highlighted many facts to justify seed segments as the major source to assure future growth in India. 

For this, he said to the public that about 86 percent of Indian farmers, which account for about 44% of entire farmland in the country, are responsible for holding less than two hectares land. In addition, contribution of these people towards output of farms exceed by 50 percent. As per Mr. Pisk, known as one of the leading business tycoons, small landholders incorporate huge potential to enhance their levels of productivity. However, for this, it is highly essential for them to apply proper combination of effective chemicals and sound as well as integrated solutions.

Strategy of Syngenta Company

Mr. Davor said to media and other information systems that India could achieve its better future by simply moving away towards efficient and integrated solutions rather than staying within the paradigm of various single-products. In this way, farmers and owners of lands can deal with problems in different way. In this way, people can expect to receive highly comprehensive answers to countless problems confront by farmers of modern times. With the help of Syngenta’s integrated strategy, people can expect to achieve combined strength of crop protection and business of seeds. In other words, strategy adopted by the company will start massive developments towards highly integrated offers advent on international crop basis. 

Mr. Davor commented, “Our recently launched ‘good growth plan’ is particularly relevant to India, as agriculture is the mainstay of the country’s economy and provides employment to more than half its population. Farmers will have to grow crops more efficiently, conserve existing land, improve biodiversity and integrate the vast multitude of smallholders currently holding less than two hectares each into the mainstream.” Read more from here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Iowa Technology Association Awarded GlobalVetLINK as Technology Company of 2014

GlobalVetLINK has received the prestigious award of Technology Company of 2014 for many medium and small-scale businesses. The company has obtained the award and/or recognition at Prometheus Awards ceremony hosted by Iowa Technology Association. The award is responsible for recognizing innovative business strategies adopted by some leading inventors worldwide. In addition, the association issue awards to companies or business firms based on offered products as well as services, operational objectives or mission of the company and its complete market potential. 

Iowa Technology Association is the professional level organization, which accelerates the success of outstanding technology industry and technology-based economy in Iowa. Indeed, the awards issued by this organization are biggest and prestigious distinctions dedicated towards recognition and celebration of brilliance and innovation of high-tech industry prevailing within Iowa. Bob Shuka, the IT Manager of the company has received the award on behalf of the entire team. He said that the dedication and hard working of entire GlobalVetLINK team is the prime reason for its massive success during the beginning of the second quarter of 2014. Cliff Smith, the CEO of the Company commented, “This is a great honor and it’s definitely a team award.” Get a similar type of news from here

GlobalVetLINK or GVL has established itself in the city of Ames in Iowa during the year 2001. The company has become the nation’s leader to deliver instant and accurate access, analysis, creation and submission of various data as well as documentations related to animal health. In fact, the company has provided countless information systems or solutions in the attempt to improve wellness of animals, along with profitable and efficient level of animal production and integrity in offered food items. Services delivered by the company uniquely connect animal owners, veterinarians, industrial partners, animal diagnostic laboratories, government officials and many more to bring drastic improvements in the complete animal safety and wellness within the marketplace of food animal and companion. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Touchtech Firm Embraced Advanced Cloud Technology

Touchtech firm of Wellington, responsible for designing and building of bespoke mobile and cloud-based applications has now embraces the advanced cloud technology and simultaneously has amassed arsenal of various tech tools to allow communication, sharing and development of valuable documents in between different clients and workers. Currently, Touchtech, the leading provider of Info Systems incorporate about 10 different staffs in its office at Wellington and plans to spread eight members across remaining cities and suburbs of New Zealand and other globalized countries. 

Adrian Falvey, well-known business tycoon and the director of Touchtech said that company would receive countless benefits in the form of flexible work arrangement, low overhead costs and increase in productivity, ability to deliver round the clock and quality services to clients. Most interestingly, the company can able to tap intelligence and talent of its professionals working in different operational sectors and different cities of the world in the name of Touchtech Company. 

On a question-answering session with the company’s director, he said that the remote working lets his company by providing significant benefits by hiring best people that too with highest possible levels of skills. In fact, it is only the remote working, by which senior officials of Touchtech can access vast skills and knowledge levels of personnel irrespective of staffs worked in past, not shown interests to deliver full-time jobs and many more. Furthermore, it is only via remote working, which facilitated its employees possessing varying schedules to deliver at their own preferred times in the attempt to enhance productivity. 

According to the statement given by Falvey, “We find people who have the flexibility to move are also able to garner new ideas in new environments that they may not have otherwise come across.” Read more from here.