Monday, May 27, 2013

Achievements of UK Leading Musicians and Business People

Since last many years, United Kingdom witnessed remarkable achievements of many renowned personalities in different sector. In this blog post, we have given our major concern towards describing about some famous personalities of United Kingdom. Firstly, we will study in detail about a leading composer, musician, singer and songwriter of Britain named Sir Paul McCartney. He has become the legend in musical sector by operating his popular rock band named Beatles. People of Britain also recognized Sir Paul McCartney as wealthiest man of United Kingdom. Other than Paul, John Lennon, popular UK composer and musician has also become famous as founding member in rock band of Beatles.

After this, people have United Kingdom have witnessed the introduction of new social media platform named Pheed by a leading personality named O.D. Kobo, who is often recognized as son of Bebo Kobo. Pheed social networking site gives unique platform to users for sharing different types of digital contents with friends and colleagues. O.D. Kobo is an online entrepreneur and a famous computer programmer of the world. He has obtained his popularity in UK for operating and making investments in different online ventures. Furthermore, his IT incubators and investment vehicles in London will include Koolanoo Group, SinoSheen, Comet Information Systems, Shellanoo Investment Group and KGIM.