Monday, June 30, 2014

Skylex System Integration Allows Re-Mark Contact Center Improvement

In the recent few years, Jerusalem, Netanya, Tel Aviv and many other cities or regions of Israel have remained the witness for the launch of many well-known call center companies operating at the international level. Simultaneously, the country has found the establishment of countless inventors, companies and business units involved in development of outsource business solutions. Here, you will find the details about the emotional analysis-based instruments offered by Skylex Company and its roles for development of Re-Mark Contact Center of Israel.

Skylex Systems and Re-Mark Company

Remark Company of Israel has obtained massive success in its operational sector with the installation of software solutions offered by Skylex Company. Some of the biggest achievements will include

Ongoing Projects and Customer Satisfaction

With the help of exclusive emotion detection system integration offered by Skylex only, the Re-Mark contact center has succeeded in maintaining its ongoing projects and at the same time enhanced satisfaction level of customers by about 2 times.

• Decrease in Complaints and Anger of Customers

IA systems offered by Skylex Company have played major role in reducing the numbers of complaints concerning to delivered outsourced services by about three times than before.

Improvement in Operational Efficiency

Skylex professionals and technology-based devices have contributed significantly to improve the workers or operational efficiencies of outsource business premises.

According to reports, “Efficiency of operators in the project phone sales increased by 4% -10%.” Read more about other companies and their obtained benefits from here.

Re-Mark Company has established itself to deliver wide range of outsourcing services to its customers. If you own your business requires creating awareness, detailed market research, promotion of offered products and even brand loyalty from the delivered solutions but do not have adequate time or resources for such activities, you should definitely approach this well-known Israeli contact center.

Since the establishment of Re-Mark in 2001, it delivered outstanding marketing sales and other related solutions. Lastly, the contact center has well-trained mobile sales agents, which have fulfilled their targets related to customer satisfaction and loyalty on behalf of companies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Skylex Voice Solutions-Prime Sources to Bring Developments in Russian Telecom Sector

In the recent few years, large numbers of telecom operators located in different parts of Russia have undergone significant progression in their operational centers. Remarkable success of telecom companies or business units is because of the fact that large numbers of telecom operators have started choosing for sophisticated software solutions to keep a proper track on responses of external parties and internal employees. Here also, you will get brief overview of the leading contributors of Israel named as Skylex, which has used voice analysis technology-based system to install in various telecom providers of Russia. 

Russia has always gained its name for the delivery of best possible telephonic or telecommunication solutions to its customers. Moreover, the second biggest Russian telephone operator has obtained plenty of benefits with the help of Skylex voice solutions based on LVA or layered voice analysis technology. Major roles performed by the voice or emotional analysis system offered by this Israeli Company will include

Decrease in the Implementation Process

Duration or days required for the implementation of various fundamental requirements related to the telecom unit have reduced in a significant way to about 5 weeks.

Saves Time and Money involved in Calling Process

Many times, business ventures require performing detailed analysis of various types of incoming, consultation, outgoing and telesales calls made by employees of the telecommunication provider. However, processes related to tracking and recording of calls cause commercial units to spend huge amount of time, efforts and money. Therefore, in order to avoid all these problems, majority of senior officers and managers of the company have chosen for installation of advanced Skylex systems, as they perform analysis of calls in automatic manner.

Skylex vocal analysis software system has proved to be an effective and an efficient tool to perform tests and give proper training to operators.”

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ownership Investment Giving Charge To Technology Inventors and Company Owners

The following is to detail you about a type of investment which is called ownership investment.
Ownership or proprietorship investments are what occur to maximumgeneral public whenever the term "investment" is stricken around. Proprietorship investments are the maximum predictable and money making standard of investment. The following are examples of it: 


Several Technology Entrepreneurs, such as Amir Liberman, are over thinking to enhance their technology criteria. The income laid into commencing and running a corporate is an investment. Entrepreneurship is stated to be one of the toughest investments to carry out since it requires more effort apart from just money. Subsequently, it is a proprietorship investment with tremendously great prospective revenues.


Stocks are factually documentations that say a portion of a company is owned. Broadly speaking, entirely operated securities, from stocks to cashexchanges, are ownership funds, even if owned property is merely a contract. When one of these investments is bought, a right to a percentage of a company's worth or to transmit a definite action.

Real Estate

Households, flats or further residences that may be bought or rented or repaired and resold are investments by Business tycoons. The houses lived in, though, is another matter since it is satisfying a elementary requirement. The household fills necessity for accommodation and, though it might escalate over period, it should not be acquired with an anticipation of return. The debt breakdown of 2008 and the submerged mortgages it formed are a decent sketch of the hazards in considering a primary house an asset.

Your expectation of profit is realized (or not) by how the market values the asset you own the rights to. If you own shares in Sony and Sony posts a record profit, other investors are going to want Sony shares too. Their demand for shares drives up the price, increasing your profit if you choose to sell the shares.”  Read More at investopedia

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jack Dorsey : Founder Of Twitter and Multi Billionaire and Hacker

Jack Dorsey is a most popular and fancy name of Twitter founder and creator also founder and CEO of the Square a mobile payment company. He is also a web developer and businessman like Amir Liberman from Israel. Jack Dorsey best known for creation of Twitter and Square also he was considered as the top 35 technology innovators, who changed the world at the age of 35 and in 2012 the wall street journal had gave him a “Innovator of the year” award for his amazing contribution in technology. Jack Dorsey have gone through lots of struggle in his quest to found his company Twitter and he also helped company to raise two rounds of funding where he put his total time in the company to built it from scratch. After a huge success He moved on to another company called square, where developed a program used to accept the payment from Debit card and Credit card. The Small device is connected to the headphone jack into the many devices such as Apple’s Devices and Android Devices let a user to swipe a card.

bizjournals says “When his longtime friend Jim McKelvey, a glass blower from St. Louis, lost out on the sale of a $2,000 piece because he was unable to accept credit cards, together they realized that their powerful smartphone devices should be able to process credit cards,” the article reads. “So Jack sat down in his apartment with engineer Tristan O’Tierney and drew a series of rough sketches to show how a smartphone credit card app might work.”

He is one of the youngest inventors in the world and helped the world to rebuild the technology from scratch. After Twitter and Square he now on to many projects, that he developing with his partners.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How Skylex Voice Solutions are Helpful for Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions incorporating huge customer base always show their apprehensive behavior towards the safety and security of various confidential details about the clients stores in computer database. Simultaneously, banks have to guarantee their clients about additional safety measurements to provide proper protection to their personal and financial details. 

Nowadays, users willing to access phone banking solutions require performing identity verification process with the help of PIN, passwords and account number, which are highly prone towards fraudulent activities or hacking of accounts. Potential frauds or swindles in the banking sector compelled many reputable banks to choose for secured solutions and methods provided by technological contributors and implement them for protecting personal information possessed by clients. On the other side, many companies have even started designing efficient solutions to check telephone-banking frauds. 

In this post, you will get information about innovative voice solutions offered by a well-known company named Skylex and its benefits caused to Petrokommerts Bank. Voice software solution delivered by the Israeli Company named Skylex performs different types of functions, like voice biometrics, keyword spotting and speech recognition in the attempt to undergo verification process in a small span of time and lets companies to deliver optimum level of service to its customers. 

In other words, with the help of vocal analysis software, professionals of the Petrokommerts Bank have succeeded to provide user-friendly mobile banking experience to customers. Major benefits in this case will include 

Effective System to Monitor Customer Service Quality

Skylex Interactive Analytics system has provided people with the effective system to monitor the quality of offered customer service. Since the system detects the emotions of people made or received calls to the banks, so it can easily find out their true responses towards the offered product. 

Allocation of Calls for Listening Auditors

With the help of this innovative voice-based solution, senior officials can allocate calls to allow for critical listening of auditors. 

Enhancement in Operational Efficiency

Installation of emotion detection solution has the major role to save various overhead costs of business owners and companies in training and mentoring of new callers or sales executives. Currently, many phone banking units and contact centers use voice detection system to record calls handled by experienced executives and use the same as demo for guiding newcomers about different ways to deal with customers. 

“Skylex Voice Solutions delivers from Israel technology-based solutions to call center companies and telecommunication firms operating at the international level. Moreover, we have provided wide range of effective voice solutions systems to banks and health ministry in Russia.” Read more from here.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gartner Reported-CRM Systems will rely on Cloud Computing Solutions by 2015

Whether you own a small workplace or a big commercial organization, you have to make sure of providing quality services to your customers to establish good relations with them.Based on this fact Gartner, a well-known market analyst has undergone detailed research and revealed that the customer relationship management or CRM tools acquired by companies and business ventures will incorporate on cloud-based techniques instead of in-house equipment from the coming year 2015.

Detailed Overview of the Report

CRM vendors of Gartner said in front of the public that at some time during the coming year of 2015, more than half of companies and other business ventures will use CRM devices operated with the help of cloud computing software or hosted by using the software as service providers. These analysts have even said that more than 85 percent of the entire business organizations and top-class business tycoons will go for cloud computing customer management tools by the year 2025. 

After this, technological law expert and the owner of a well-known law firm named Angus McFayden explained to the public that the flexibility feature provided by different types of cloud solutions, particularly inventors of CRM systems has become the primary attraction for many commercial organizations. The reason for this is that many such firms seek to stay in pace with demands of consumers and bring consistent improvements in the existing technology and responsiveness, along with drastic sophistication in technology.

Angus McFayden commented, “The move towards cloud based solutions is predominantly being driven by cost effectiveness and the flexibility of those solutions. Thus, businesses are able to deliver on their strategies a lot quicker than if they had to build their own CRM system. Cloud systems also remove the hassle of hosting and maintaining infrastructure in-house.Read more from here.

Other Experts Opinion about CRM Devices

Other than the leading market analyst named Gartner, many other experienced technicians have given their own feedbacks about wide range of CRM equipment. Recently, these researchers and technologists opined about the leading Customer Relations System Integration Solution provided by the Skylex Company.

Customer Relations Management of SKylex operates as the emotion detection solution to track as well as monitor both ongoing and recorded interaction takes place between workers and clients. Main benefit of this system is that it can track the true emotion in the response of clients in relatively less duration and in turn gives massive benefits to organizations.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Comfortel Contact Center-International Provider of Advanced Voice-based Solutions

Since the establishment of Comfortel Contact Center, it has offered wide range of services to top-level companies and business organizations. With the help of this innovative call center unit, known as international contributor of advanced services companies located in different parts of the world succeeded to process wide range of telephonic calls and made companies competent and capable to deliver additional facilities to its customers. Even it is only by the virtue of this Russian Company, many commercial level units of modern times have reduced their secondary workload of employees and infrastructure related costs to a huge extent.

Scope of Company’s Products and Services

Until now, the company has obtained its huge success in providing different types of services, which include production services, financial and insurance services and pre-sales and post sales services, informational agencies, retail sectors, like street markets, super and hypermarkets, mass communication units and many more. In addition, the company based in Russia has delivered its products to the areas of advertisement and marketing, transport, tourism and various medical and communal services. 

Specialties of the Contact Center Unit

Comfortel Call Center Company has acquired the advanced Interactive Analytics solution offered by the Skylex Company to provide advanced levels of solutions to its customers. With the help of automatic detection system only, the call center unit has obtained the opportunity to detect more than 95 percent of problematic calls in automatic manner and undergo evaluation of the satisfaction level of customers effectively as possible. Furthermore, with the help of IA system only, the outsource unit has obtained the capability to recognize important changes in the entire business procedures related to motivation, learning, customer service, operators and reporting of projects.

“Comfortel Contact Center allows simultaneous uses of telephony, email, messengers and chats via a complex scheme of intellectual route of incoming calls, which depends on numerous characteristics. Here, professionals can organize call processing by means of intellectual voice recognition system and voice menus, which differentiates level of service for every call depending on the query and subscriber importance.” Read more about the company and its sister concernEffortel from here.