Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Contributions of Bebo Kobo to Western Wall Heritage Foundation

With the current demand for residential and business property in the world, more investors are now venturing into the real estate business. The truth is that this field has made a lot of investors prosperous. This can be evidenced by the likes of Bebo Kobo- a renowned Israeli entrepreneur. He has managed to establish some of the most iconic real estate investments in the world. The most popular one is the Camden Market situated in Central London. Currently, he is based in London where he has become an influential member of the society.

His property dealings have helped many people in London to improve their livelihoods. For instance, the popular Camden Market hosts thousands of investors who have rented stalls for business purposes. Apart from running his real estate business, Kobo is also involved in a number of community projects. In Israel, he has been playing an important role in the development and preservation of the renowned Western Wall Heritage Foundation. He has been assisting the organization with material support as well as idea on how to make the monument more attractive and valuable. This shows that he is still mindful of the community from which he came from.

History about the institution

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is now one of the most popular organizations in Israel today. This can be attributed to the fact that it is a special monument especially to the Jews. It reminds them of the struggles and tribulations they went through in the past. It was discovered in 1967 when the Jews managed to liberate the city of Jerusalem from the Muslims. It was developed in 1988. Its main purpose is to oversee the maintenance of the hedge and its tunnels. This structure attracts thousands of tourists from all corners of the world. The Jewish community identifies itself with this structure because it tells their history. Currently, the institution is involved in a number of projects aimed at improving the monument.  Fortunately, they have received a lot of donations from well wishers one of them Bebo Kobo.

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