Saturday, December 8, 2012

Achievements of William Blake in Poetry Sector

William Blake is a famous painter and poet of England. In the recent few years, this great personality has obtained lifetime recognition as one of the seminal figures related with the history of visual arts and poetry in the Romantic Age. The prophetic poetry of this renowned poet has made him famous in the sector of English poetry. Moreover, one of the contemporary critics of art has revealed his knowledge in the visual artistry has made him one of the leading artists of Britain. Despite Blake lived in London city for his entire life, he has achieved success in designing diverse and symbolically rich corpus for embracing his imagination as ‘Human Existence’ or ‘Body of God’.
In the year 1794, world has experienced the conceptual collection of poetry of William Blake. The name of the poetry was Songs of Innocence and Experience. Initially, Blake released Songs of Innocence, comprising of 19 poems highlighting the spirit of human beings when they remain free mind during their childhood. Later on, he has shown his intentions towards the spirit of human beings when adults shackles and intrudes them by various rules and some religious doctrines. For this, Blake introduced other 26 new poems in Songs of Experience. According to Blake, “Childhood and Adulthood are two entirely different states of human soul.”

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