Friday, February 14, 2014

Tom Meggle-Motivator for Fashion Industry Newbie

Tom Meggle
Tom Meggle is the managing director of a well-known company dealing with wide of trendy jewelry and luxurious goods named Louis Vuitton. This well-known business personality incorporates extensive experience in leadership of various international luxury trends with complete accountability towards full P and L and excellent skills to understand people in easy way. Many people perceive him as one of the biggest contributors of fashion sector.

Overview of Louis Vuitton and Tom’s Contribution

Whether you look over leather goods, fashion accessories, jewelry, watches, wines and even spirits, you would likely found massive contribution of this well-known person named Mr. Tom served as the MD of UK Company. In fact, with the contribution of Meggle and other well-known business tycoons only, LV Company witnessed massive success in the competitive sector.
Currently, Louis Vuitton has become the worldwide leading international fashion houses selling its wide range of products via lease departments, standalone boutiques, and high-end departmental stores and even with the help of e-commerce section present within the website. In addition, you will find labels and logos or monograms in most of the LV products, such as leather goods, luxury trunks, ready-to-wear dresses, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, accessories, books and many more.

business tycoons

Fashion Business Tycoons-Motivators for Newbie

In the recent few years, large numbers of newbie of commercial sector and garments business entrepreneurs have become highly motivated by the contribution of fashion business tycoons. In fact, Tom Meggle guided many students to choose the career in apparel business. Other than Meggle, you will know many other business tycoons, such as Bebo Kobo and Richard Caring, directed management students and fashion designers aspirants to start their own fashion business. Both of these have initially entered in commercial sector via establishment of fashion unit in Israel and in Hong Kong respectively. Currently, both of these people own a leading property development unit of London referred as Camden Market Holdings. “Camden Market Holdings Corp (CMHC), the company set up by Richard Caring, Bebo Kobo and Chelsfield Partners to own and operate the iconic Camden Market site in London, have agreed the enlarged financing of the legacy £225m IBRC NOMURA senior loan.

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