Monday, March 3, 2014

Dr. James Tunnell-Inventor of Pen-Size Device to Detect Cancer

Since last many years, researchers and scientists working under different companies and organizations have bought drastic medical revolutions with the prime objective to bring health improvement. This time, Dr. James Tunnell, an Assistant Professor of Texas University and his fellow researchers have introduced an idea and an innovative cancer detection solution for patients. Research team strongly believed that the new noninvasive and inexpensive detection technique would not only save costs related to conducting of biopsy, but also helps patients to undergo for affordable, quick and painless examinations. 

Dr. James and his researchers recognized as global achievers developed light-based and a pen-sized device for detection of skin cancers. The device uses optical techniques or concepts of spectroscopy to determine both bio-chemical and chemical composition of different materials. Based on biochemical changes in the tissues of human beings, medical professionals and pathologists detect cancer. Here, the detection technique can perform its functions within a flick of time. 

Inventors of the Texas University have used pen-sized probe and observed the emission of weak light pulses from the tip of human skin or tissue. After this, probe recaptured these pulses and sent them back into the computer system for detailed analysis. Thus, emitted light can measure both molecular and cellular signatures present in skin cancer without any requirement for biopsy or excision of tissue samples. 
According to the viewpoints of Dr. James Tunnell, “The next generation cancer management strategies require technologies that combine sensing, targeting, and treating of the earliest stage disease. Hence, we have introduced a pen-size device, which within a second takes measurement and tells you whether it's cancer.” Read more from here.  
Therefore, by the introduction of a pen-sized equipment people can detect cancer at the initial state and undergo suitable diagnose or treatment within time. However, many patients also show reluctance towards cancer treatment, because of excessive levels of stress, anxiety and trauma arise by the Cameo therapy done for cancers. Therefore, in order to reduce such anxieties, many researchers working under Nemesysco Limited have started researching on application of LVA technology to develop medical solutions treat with anxiety and stress. In addition, Nemesysco professionals are now putting efforts in early detection of various mental issues, measuring of acute stress levels and effectiveness of medication courses, emotional therapy and many more.

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