Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Willis Whitfield-Inductee of National Inventors Fame Hall

Willis Whitfield would now avail the honorable award from the National Inventors Fame Hall. He was the inventor of modern clean room and a sophisticated technology, which would revolutionize in the manufacturing of various types of pharmaceutical products and electronics. Willis was responsible for development of many advanced technology and voice solutions in the attempt to make various types of hospital operating rooms safe and allowed for advanced level of space exploration. 

Willis Whitfield was the son of a farmer located in the Texas City. However, because of this exclusive contribution and vast knowledge, he has become the physicist of the Sandia National Laboratories. Later on, he was publicly known as the inventor of laminar-flow clean room. Unfortunately, he died in the month of November 2012, but his inventions and contributions towards the technological sector would remain eternal. In fact, his invention will continue to remain standard and up to the mark via minor modifications and updates. Whitfield is one of the 15 well-known inventors inducted for the present year into the National Inventors Fame Hall. 

According to the comments of Julia Phillips, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Scandia, “The technological solution that Willis Whitfield designed for the laminar-airflow clean room is illustrative of the long tradition of innovative research at Sandia National Laboratories. Willis’ invention has stood the test of time making the modern microelectronics industry possible. It’s that same type of ground-breaking interdisciplinary research that advances the frontiers of science and engineering and enables our national security mission at Sandia.” Read a similar type of update from here.

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