Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MSU Innovation Center Hosted Award Ceremony for Globalized Innovators

MSU Innovation Center has now hosted award ceremony to honor the MSY Innovator and Inventor of the Year 2014. In addition, it has also obtained its recognition as the winner of Tech Transfer Achievement Award. By commending towards creativity and perseverance at MSU Innovation Celebration, organizers have presented awardees with huge cash prizes and plaques. Robert Abramovitch received the award as Innovation of the Year. He is an associate professor in the sector of molecular genetics and microbiology. 

Robert is also known as the innovator and developer of anti-virulence chemical compounds to cure tuberculosis. Tuberculosis represents the single and the most lethal infectious agent in different countries of the world. In this situation, the technology adopted by Robert is the pair of suitable biosensors, which allow the identification of different compounds, which can inhibit adaptation physiologies of M. tuberculosis virulence adaptation required to deal with various chronic infections. 

After this, Mr. Anil Jain received the award as Innovator of the Year 2014. He served his valuable role as the professor in engineering and computer science department. People mostly know him for his contribution in the sector of biometrics. Biometrics is the latest science, which involves identification of people based on their behavior and characteristics identified by the help of information systems. Currently, this term is responsible for representing massive globalized market containing 10 billion dollars individuals. 

According to the opinion of Charles Hasemann, the Executive Director of MSU Innovation Center, “When it comes to invention, it requires a remarkable amount of labor and imagination to create something new. Sharing that research with the world takes creativity, perseverance and a lot of trial and error. We provide resources and support to reduce barriers and help both students and faculty bring more of our best research ideas to market.” Read a similar type of update about MSU award ceremony from here.

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