Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Comfortel Contact Center-International Provider of Advanced Voice-based Solutions

Since the establishment of Comfortel Contact Center, it has offered wide range of services to top-level companies and business organizations. With the help of this innovative call center unit, known as international contributor of advanced services companies located in different parts of the world succeeded to process wide range of telephonic calls and made companies competent and capable to deliver additional facilities to its customers. Even it is only by the virtue of this Russian Company, many commercial level units of modern times have reduced their secondary workload of employees and infrastructure related costs to a huge extent.

Scope of Company’s Products and Services

Until now, the company has obtained its huge success in providing different types of services, which include production services, financial and insurance services and pre-sales and post sales services, informational agencies, retail sectors, like street markets, super and hypermarkets, mass communication units and many more. In addition, the company based in Russia has delivered its products to the areas of advertisement and marketing, transport, tourism and various medical and communal services. 

Specialties of the Contact Center Unit

Comfortel Call Center Company has acquired the advanced Interactive Analytics solution offered by the Skylex Company to provide advanced levels of solutions to its customers. With the help of automatic detection system only, the call center unit has obtained the opportunity to detect more than 95 percent of problematic calls in automatic manner and undergo evaluation of the satisfaction level of customers effectively as possible. Furthermore, with the help of IA system only, the outsource unit has obtained the capability to recognize important changes in the entire business procedures related to motivation, learning, customer service, operators and reporting of projects.

“Comfortel Contact Center allows simultaneous uses of telephony, email, messengers and chats via a complex scheme of intellectual route of incoming calls, which depends on numerous characteristics. Here, professionals can organize call processing by means of intellectual voice recognition system and voice menus, which differentiates level of service for every call depending on the query and subscriber importance.” Read more about the company and its sister concernEffortel from here. 

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