Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jack Dorsey : Founder Of Twitter and Multi Billionaire and Hacker

Jack Dorsey is a most popular and fancy name of Twitter founder and creator also founder and CEO of the Square a mobile payment company. He is also a web developer and businessman like Amir Liberman from Israel. Jack Dorsey best known for creation of Twitter and Square also he was considered as the top 35 technology innovators, who changed the world at the age of 35 and in 2012 the wall street journal had gave him a “Innovator of the year” award for his amazing contribution in technology. Jack Dorsey have gone through lots of struggle in his quest to found his company Twitter and he also helped company to raise two rounds of funding where he put his total time in the company to built it from scratch. After a huge success He moved on to another company called square, where developed a program used to accept the payment from Debit card and Credit card. The Small device is connected to the headphone jack into the many devices such as Apple’s Devices and Android Devices let a user to swipe a card.

bizjournals says “When his longtime friend Jim McKelvey, a glass blower from St. Louis, lost out on the sale of a $2,000 piece because he was unable to accept credit cards, together they realized that their powerful smartphone devices should be able to process credit cards,” the article reads. “So Jack sat down in his apartment with engineer Tristan O’Tierney and drew a series of rough sketches to show how a smartphone credit card app might work.”

He is one of the youngest inventors in the world and helped the world to rebuild the technology from scratch. After Twitter and Square he now on to many projects, that he developing with his partners.

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