Monday, April 14, 2014

Iowa Technology Association Awarded GlobalVetLINK as Technology Company of 2014

GlobalVetLINK has received the prestigious award of Technology Company of 2014 for many medium and small-scale businesses. The company has obtained the award and/or recognition at Prometheus Awards ceremony hosted by Iowa Technology Association. The award is responsible for recognizing innovative business strategies adopted by some leading inventors worldwide. In addition, the association issue awards to companies or business firms based on offered products as well as services, operational objectives or mission of the company and its complete market potential. 

Iowa Technology Association is the professional level organization, which accelerates the success of outstanding technology industry and technology-based economy in Iowa. Indeed, the awards issued by this organization are biggest and prestigious distinctions dedicated towards recognition and celebration of brilliance and innovation of high-tech industry prevailing within Iowa. Bob Shuka, the IT Manager of the company has received the award on behalf of the entire team. He said that the dedication and hard working of entire GlobalVetLINK team is the prime reason for its massive success during the beginning of the second quarter of 2014. Cliff Smith, the CEO of the Company commented, “This is a great honor and it’s definitely a team award.” Get a similar type of news from here

GlobalVetLINK or GVL has established itself in the city of Ames in Iowa during the year 2001. The company has become the nation’s leader to deliver instant and accurate access, analysis, creation and submission of various data as well as documentations related to animal health. In fact, the company has provided countless information systems or solutions in the attempt to improve wellness of animals, along with profitable and efficient level of animal production and integrity in offered food items. Services delivered by the company uniquely connect animal owners, veterinarians, industrial partners, animal diagnostic laboratories, government officials and many more to bring drastic improvements in the complete animal safety and wellness within the marketplace of food animal and companion. 

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