Monday, April 7, 2014

Touchtech Firm Embraced Advanced Cloud Technology

Touchtech firm of Wellington, responsible for designing and building of bespoke mobile and cloud-based applications has now embraces the advanced cloud technology and simultaneously has amassed arsenal of various tech tools to allow communication, sharing and development of valuable documents in between different clients and workers. Currently, Touchtech, the leading provider of Info Systems incorporate about 10 different staffs in its office at Wellington and plans to spread eight members across remaining cities and suburbs of New Zealand and other globalized countries. 

Adrian Falvey, well-known business tycoon and the director of Touchtech said that company would receive countless benefits in the form of flexible work arrangement, low overhead costs and increase in productivity, ability to deliver round the clock and quality services to clients. Most interestingly, the company can able to tap intelligence and talent of its professionals working in different operational sectors and different cities of the world in the name of Touchtech Company. 

On a question-answering session with the company’s director, he said that the remote working lets his company by providing significant benefits by hiring best people that too with highest possible levels of skills. In fact, it is only the remote working, by which senior officials of Touchtech can access vast skills and knowledge levels of personnel irrespective of staffs worked in past, not shown interests to deliver full-time jobs and many more. Furthermore, it is only via remote working, which facilitated its employees possessing varying schedules to deliver at their own preferred times in the attempt to enhance productivity. 

According to the statement given by Falvey, “We find people who have the flexibility to move are also able to garner new ideas in new environments that they may not have otherwise come across.” Read more from here.

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