Friday, May 16, 2014

EPO Announced European Inventor Award 2014 Nominees

This time, EPO i.e. European Patent Office has officially made the announcement for the nominees of European Inventor Award 2014. Nominees, who have categorized under the lifetime achievement, are Prof. Dr. Erwin Hochmair and Dr. Ingeborg, both of which are the founders of well-known company as MED-EL. During 1970s, scientists have laid this foundation for bringing developments in the first micro-electronic multiple channel implant and since then established the hearing world in the attempt to help more than 100,000 people suffering from the problem of hearing loss. European Inventor Award is always considered as the award to honor worldwide scientists and innovators, who substantially contribute a lot towards bringing drastic economical growth and progress in the sector of technology. 

Winners of the lifetime achievement are Martin Schadt and Erik De Clercq. Martin Schadt is the physician, who has gained his name for drastic inventions in the LCD techniques, while Erik De Clercq is a Virologist contributed a lot towards antiviral therapy. EPO organization has scheduled its official presentation for award winners on 17th of June in a German City named Berlin. In the year 2006, EPO initiated this award ceremony, where creativity of various inventors to develop ultimate information systems and other technology-based systems or solutions becomes the key premise of the jury. In this way, EIA has bought technological progress and allowed for improvements in the daily lives of people belonging to different parts of the world. 

Dr. Ingeborg and Prof. Dr. Erwin Hochmair, the nominated members of EPO commented, The development and launch of the first micro-electronic multi-channel cochlear implant changed the lives of many hearing impaired people. Thanks to this high-tech device and the technology of electrical stimulation people with severe-to-profound hearing loss are given the chance to hear again and lead a normal life.Read more from here.

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