Friday, May 9, 2014

The Web Users Are Switching to Mobile Due to Security, Web Is Crumbling

As the Mobile Web is increasing because the User is switching to Mobile web and the computer web is starting to crumble. The due to lack of Security solutions the computer web users graph are now very low since last year and companies are providing the Smartphone at very cheap prices and any one can afford it so people are avoiding the Computer Web. The discussion about the tech giants have heated, and concluded that the World Wide Web is now falling. Like any other outdated tech the WWW is losing the users, because it fails against the competition to Mobile Apps and it been a while since the WWW is performing very poorly, hacker exploiting flaws to steal money from people.

TechCrunch saysBeginning in the early 1990s, this system would transform the world for the next 15 years, becoming the key vehicle for information and content dissemination across the globe. But as demands increased for quality, security, and control, the Web started to buckle. It’s incredible growth forced it to expand far beyond the designs of its technical specifications into areas like asynchronous server communications and local data storage. As smart devices arrived at the end of the last decade, it became increasingly clear that the Web had found its competitor.

The Mobile Apps Are beating those old school techniques to develop the WEB, and also the App Developers and companies are adopting new technology like Previously they used Xcode and Eclipse but now they have dedicated IDE. As we know that the Web is a collection of several techs like HTML, HTTP and so on. Since the HTTP is a standard protocol on Internet and HTML is a markup language, and it fails to connect to modern devices that joint to Internet.

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