Friday, May 9, 2014

Teltek Partnered with Zultys Inc to Offer Unified Voice Solutions

Teltek, one of the technology service providers of Maryland has made the announcement about its partnership with unified communication solution provider named Zultys Inc. Zultys is the leading provider of wide range unified voice solutions to empower business organizations and companies to collaborate in an effective way as possible. 

This is a leading company capable to deliver all-in-one phone systems for business units, which possess the capability to integrate video, voice, data and mobility in efficient possible manner. The company has always chosen unique approach towards the delivery enterprise level of classic solutions dependent on SIP or Sensation Initiation Protocol centered over the architecture of single-server. This type of architecture always demands for very less hardware networks, consumes relatively less resources for power and generates less ambient heat in significant way.

Currently, Teltek Company, the innovator of technological solutions owns its office in different cities, which include Maryland, Westminster, Bethesda and Baltimore and provides single-call technology support to business in many other US cities. Here, services will include phone systems, IT consultants, network configuration, data and voice cabling, computer repair, data or disaster recovery and various types of remote backup solutions. 

According to Debi Nicoli, the CEO of Teltek Company,” We are very excited about our new partnership with Zultys Teltek has always been focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations and enhancing their business productivity using technology. Now, Teltek client’s have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a feature-rich Voice over IP Phone System at a fraction of the cost of other manufactures.” Read more from here.

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