Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Skylex Voice Solutions-Prime Sources to Bring Developments in Russian Telecom Sector

In the recent few years, large numbers of telecom operators located in different parts of Russia have undergone significant progression in their operational centers. Remarkable success of telecom companies or business units is because of the fact that large numbers of telecom operators have started choosing for sophisticated software solutions to keep a proper track on responses of external parties and internal employees. Here also, you will get brief overview of the leading contributors of Israel named as Skylex, which has used voice analysis technology-based system to install in various telecom providers of Russia. 

Russia has always gained its name for the delivery of best possible telephonic or telecommunication solutions to its customers. Moreover, the second biggest Russian telephone operator has obtained plenty of benefits with the help of Skylex voice solutions based on LVA or layered voice analysis technology. Major roles performed by the voice or emotional analysis system offered by this Israeli Company will include

Decrease in the Implementation Process

Duration or days required for the implementation of various fundamental requirements related to the telecom unit have reduced in a significant way to about 5 weeks.

Saves Time and Money involved in Calling Process

Many times, business ventures require performing detailed analysis of various types of incoming, consultation, outgoing and telesales calls made by employees of the telecommunication provider. However, processes related to tracking and recording of calls cause commercial units to spend huge amount of time, efforts and money. Therefore, in order to avoid all these problems, majority of senior officers and managers of the company have chosen for installation of advanced Skylex systems, as they perform analysis of calls in automatic manner.

Skylex vocal analysis software system has proved to be an effective and an efficient tool to perform tests and give proper training to operators.”

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