Monday, June 30, 2014

Skylex System Integration Allows Re-Mark Contact Center Improvement

In the recent few years, Jerusalem, Netanya, Tel Aviv and many other cities or regions of Israel have remained the witness for the launch of many well-known call center companies operating at the international level. Simultaneously, the country has found the establishment of countless inventors, companies and business units involved in development of outsource business solutions. Here, you will find the details about the emotional analysis-based instruments offered by Skylex Company and its roles for development of Re-Mark Contact Center of Israel.

Skylex Systems and Re-Mark Company

Remark Company of Israel has obtained massive success in its operational sector with the installation of software solutions offered by Skylex Company. Some of the biggest achievements will include

Ongoing Projects and Customer Satisfaction

With the help of exclusive emotion detection system integration offered by Skylex only, the Re-Mark contact center has succeeded in maintaining its ongoing projects and at the same time enhanced satisfaction level of customers by about 2 times.

• Decrease in Complaints and Anger of Customers

IA systems offered by Skylex Company have played major role in reducing the numbers of complaints concerning to delivered outsourced services by about three times than before.

Improvement in Operational Efficiency

Skylex professionals and technology-based devices have contributed significantly to improve the workers or operational efficiencies of outsource business premises.

According to reports, “Efficiency of operators in the project phone sales increased by 4% -10%.” Read more about other companies and their obtained benefits from here.

Re-Mark Company has established itself to deliver wide range of outsourcing services to its customers. If you own your business requires creating awareness, detailed market research, promotion of offered products and even brand loyalty from the delivered solutions but do not have adequate time or resources for such activities, you should definitely approach this well-known Israeli contact center.

Since the establishment of Re-Mark in 2001, it delivered outstanding marketing sales and other related solutions. Lastly, the contact center has well-trained mobile sales agents, which have fulfilled their targets related to customer satisfaction and loyalty on behalf of companies.

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