Friday, July 4, 2014

Basic Activities Performed by Skylex Information Systems

Now days, both big contact center companies and small call centers are obtaining their huge demands in commercial and industrial sector. This is because; many small and business ventures operating in different business or industry areas have started hiring the services of call centers or similar types of outsource companies to get the jobs related to creating awareness of products, resolving customer queries, telesales, promotion of brands and similar other forms of marketing functions at relatively low rate.

In fact, outsourcing of advertisement and marketing related activities will allow many business owners and ventures to focus on various other essential business operations required to stay competent in specific industrial sector. However, managing telesales and promotion via voice communication taken place in contact centers are not easy tasks. Instead, the whole method involves many challenges and difficulties faced by senior officers of call centers. 

For instance, in one month, supervisors of big outsourced venture listen thousands of recorded conversations go on in random manner. In this situation, it becomes extremely essential to find out advanced software solutions, which can handle every interaction of agents and clients in hassle-free and automatic way and even within less duration. Here, you will get overview of functions done by innovative Skylex systems, for which it has become the leading contributor of voice software solutions.

Basic Activities Performed by the System

Until now, Skylex vocal analysis systems have provided some of the base requirements to every type of call center organization. This will include

• Skylex information systems based on LVA technique has allowed outsource units to fulfill varying commercial level objectives in significant manner.

• Irrespective of the language used by the premise for communication, supervisors and managers can install and use such system, as it features language independence.

• With the help of this software-based equipment, supervisors record calls for guiding newcomers of the ways, in which they should react and interact with angry customers and resolve queries in efficient way.

Skylex Voice Solutions have obtained its massive success by the delivery of quality and technology-based solutions to many call center companies and telecommunication companies operating at the international level.”

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