Thursday, July 10, 2014

Interaction Analytics Solutions help in Performance Bottlenecks Analysis

SKYLEX devices comprises of complete suite of various management tools advent for operations of call center optimization. These systems designed by the company uses information derived from different types of call center settings and results of vocal analysis to identify various patterns, trends and relevant data required to bring improvements in the level of offered customer services. Here, you will get a briefing about the application of Interaction Analytics solutions designed by Skylex Company to optimize activities go on in contact center premises. 

Scope of IA Devices

Now, let us look over the scope of functionalities performed by this system in business premises.

·         Avoid Conflict Situations

Skylex solutions operating on advanced layered voice analysis technique has allowed for the online monitoring of every conversation done by supervisors present in contact center to prevent conflict situations.

·         Allows Usage of Specific Business Process

Skylex Company has become the leading contributor of technical solutions by delivering online help and assistance to operators about emotional condition as well as the condition of any served client. It allows operators in using a specific type of business or service process that too during the best moment of conversation. 

Performs Detailed Analysis of Performance Bottlenecks

Call center personnel have to deal with different types of incoming and outgoing calls within the entire premise. Even many of these organizations work for 24x7x365. Indeed, there occurs different types of challenges and bottlenecks concerning to overall performance of the workers and agents. However, it becomes very much essential for senior officials and managers of the unit to deal with all sorts of hindrances in smart manner in order to retain customers and maintain its survival in the competitive outsource industry.

Hence, many contact centers have installed efficient emotion detection solutions in the premise, which detects emotions involved in spoken words of agents and customers to provide details about satisfaction received by customers. In case of any issue, the device identifies the performance bottlenecks and allows senior officials to analyze the same in less span of time.

“Skylex Info Systems develops automated enterprise oriented solutions for quality and efficiency management for contact centers.” Skylex 

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