Monday, July 21, 2014

Skylex Voice Solutions and its System Services

The multi-engine Voice platform is a part of Skylex suit, and it is composed of the succeeding engines working in coordination with the directorial call center system. The initial engine is the voice analysis engine, which performs Emotion detection for both the customer and the agent. The Keyword locating speech engine is paired with the speaker verification and the speech recognition engine. The quality management engine analyzes the dialogue composition, the number of transfers and the number of holds. The KPI Scorecard selects the patterns for e-learning and self-training guidance. The reporting engine includes per detailed and integrated parameters, per agent group, per agent, time-period and per client segment. 

Features of Interaction Analysis:

The Skylex Interaction Suite is a complete suite of administration tools for the contact-center operation optimization, which makes use of both the voice analysis results and the information obtaining from the different call centers to make out new trends patterns and problems along with any valuable information required to enhance the customer services. The online emotional analysis, robust keyword spotting, online Call flow analysis and the text message analysis works on the Interaction Analytics system that provides stuff mentoring and administration analytics reporting. 

The basics of Business values and serviceability: 

The technological suite of this leading contributor enables company and integrators to mechanize their procedure for efficiency and quality management of their call centers. This is based on the market leader’s voice technology solution that gives the customers opportunities to advance business techniques and consequently amplify the efficiency of the call center considerably.  This comprises of reducing the expenses on the customer satisfaction research, dropping expenses on good-quality management, reducing the costs on training of new agents and lastly reducing the expenditure on the recording system.

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